A breakdown of the Chicago Mayoral Race through the familiar lens of New York City politics
A breakdown of New York City politics into seven distinct factions based on ideology, class, neighborhoods and political institutions. Where are the…

December 2022

From Insurgent Challenger to Insulated Incumbent: A deep dive on the new House Democratic Leader's storied rise through Brooklyn Politics

November 2022

A polarized Manhattan, the Republican realignment in Southern Brooklyn, GOP gains in the Bronx, the future of NY17 - and who is to blame for it all
As the race for Governor of New York State tightens, all eyes shift to the five boroughs. What type of coalition will Lee Zeldin build? Should Kathy…

September 2022

Despite an influx of outside spending against them, New York City's progressive and socialist candidates notched key State Senate wins last week. Here…

August 2022

I share my predictions for five of New York City’s most important races in tomorrow’s Congressional and State Senate Primaries - including a Rumble in…
How Ideology, Race and Class will shape the results of New York's 10th Congressional District.
A surprise New York Times endorsement powers Dan Goldman to the front of the pack, but where does that leave Yuh-Line Niou, Carlina Rivera and Mondaire…
Taking the temperature of the race for NY10: Where do candidates stand with less than three weeks to go, what coalitions have emerged, and will The New…

July 2022

Latinos shaped many of New York City’s most pivotal elections - from the Lieutenant Governor's contest to State Assembly races in Bushwick, East Harlem…

June 2022

A deep dive into the Democratic Primary for New York's 10th Congressional District, featuring an in-depth look at the candidates and the communities…